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Agile Transformation Services

Some people believe that being Agile, means adopting agile practices and techniques. But it has never been about that... it's always been about having an Agile mindset. Many organisations around Australia have started their Agile Journey by asking the teams to deliver using an Agile Framework and then expecting that this will achieve the promised benefit. Yes it has reaped rewards, but not to the degree expected. You need an all encompassing change plan if you want to achieve true Business Agility. We'll show you how.

Transition from purely Command & Control to Servant Leadership. Delivery a business full of high value thinkers, not low value robots.
Technical Excellence
Providing Technical Runway which prepares the way for fast paced Agile Teams means better practices, tools and frameworks.
Portfolio Maturity
Move from once a year planning, to Quarterly Strategic reviews and prioritisation. Breaking work into smaller batches means faster more effective delivery and a better return on the investment.
Product Maturity
A high quality vision, adaptable feature set and direct customer engagement are extremely important. So too is good planning, delivery at a sustainable pace, product leadership and technical health.
Having predictable delivery, fast time to market, measuring customer satisfaction metrics while you build, responding to change and maintaining quality are essential.
Accountability, Creativity, Trust & Respect, collaboration and engagement are key if you are to achieve your organisation's objectives efficiently and sustainably.
Self Organisation, Planning & Estimating, Effective Ceremonies, Team Size and Structure, Technical Excellence, Roles & Responsibilities, Delivery Tools & Environment are essential to a Healthy Agile Capability.
What is the Vision and Purpose at all levels? How are we being measured? What is the roadmap, mid-term and short term plans. Roles & Responsibilities & Collaboration. Without Clarity, you cannot expect to push down responsibility or build leaders.

Delivery Health Metrics

An organisation that strives to uplift their Business Agility and delivery performance needs a way of measuring their delivery capability at every level (Executive, Portfolio, Program and Team).

They also need to get this information using a no-nonsense, robust and scalable enterprise solution which blends with their existing work practice and requires very little overhead to execute, so that they can self assess often… such as quarterly.

Agility Health is a powerful Delivery Assessment and an Organisational growth toolset, which has been designed for companies that are serious about scaling their Agile and wanting visibility into the performance and health of their delivery capability.


While there are plenty of awesome Agile Frameworks out there (Scrum, SAFe, DSDM, etc) they all seem to beat the purist drum. Either do it 100% their way or risk failure. We don’t subscribe to that thinking.

We have instead built a simple to follow framework that takes the best of these frameworks while removing the bloat.

The EPiC Map (Mature Agile Practice) has been built to give our clients a rock solid foundation on which to begin their own Agile journey while also being completely open source so that they can customise it for their unique needs, language and governance.