Who We Are

EPiC is a practioner led, Lean Agile delivery partner. We support organisations that are transitioning from traditional delivery approaches to value based delivery models by implementing [email protected] practices.

We are extremely passionate about all things Agile, Lean and Innovation and we use Tribal leadership techniques to support Agile adoption.

We love what we do and are often described as high energy, “can do” and courageous – and we absolutely LOVE¬†bringing these attributes to your organisation and instilling them into your¬†delivery teams.

Our Mantra

  1. Align A Vision,
  2. Unite A Tribe,
  3. Empower People, &
  4. Unleash Passion


Why Choose Us?

With a network of delivery partners, there is nothing in the Agile Space we can't help you with. Our specialty is Agile Coaching and Transformation but we do OH.. so much more.
Practitioner led
Every person working at EPiC is a career practitioner. We don't hire salespeople and we don't want to sell for the sake of selling. We simply want to Do Agile. Better.
We Just Get It
Our senior practitioners have been in your shoes. We have run major programs, lead PMO's, sat in the executive suite and suffered just as much as the next man. Without our scars we could only talk the talk. But we walk the walk.
Easy To Work With
We are capable, flexible and friendly. In fact, if you can find someone else that is better at this than we are, we want to hire them!