Brad Bennett

    Founder & Melbourne Partner

    The Founder of EPiC and industry recognised expert, Brad has 20 years of experience leading innovation, digital and technical value streams. Brad helps to bring high energy to any agile transformation and ensures that Agile Values and Principles stick, long after he has left the building.

    Beginning his Agile journey in early 2000’s he was one of the first SAFe trainers in Australia and has worked with countless large enterprises to lead and support their Agile Transformation.

    Brad has a motto which he has vested into EPiC and which drives the way we work;
    1. Align A Vision,
    2. Unite A Tribe,
    3. Empower People, &
    4. Unleash the Passion

    Rob Gaunt

      Sydney Partner

      Rob joined EPiC in early 2016 to grow the EPiC brand and introduce it to the Sydney / NSW market from it’s home in Melbourne Victoria.

      As a career Project Professional he brings with him a pragmatic approach to the use of Agile in the enterprise, which has helped our clients achieve their objectives and earned him a reputation as someone who will roll up his sleeves and “just get it done”, even in the most challenging environments.

      Rob began his Agile journey kicking and screaming when he was a PMO manager in a multi-national company in 2003, but has since become one of the industries most vocal and practical Agile evangelists.