Brad Bennett

    Founder & Melbourne Partner

    I fell in love with agile a long time ago.

    Throughout the 2000’s I built and coached agile teams to deliver around Australia, ah yes, I’m a delivery guy.

    In 2013,  after participating in the very 1st SAFe course in Australia, I bootstrapped EPiC, for me it was obvious Agile @Scale was going to take over the world.

    Initially EPiC focused on agile program delivery until I found myself performing enterprise agile coaching (before it was even a thing).  Personally, I have been involved in many Agile transformations (good & bad). And have been lucky to talk about them on the national conference circuit.

    I now get to do the job I love.  I work with partners around the globe to bring out leading innovation ideas, tools and techniques to Australian businesses.

    There are some truly amazing people and companies out there, doing some really amazing things.  I am privileged to be able to work with and learn from great thinkers and bring strategies to life.

    Rob Gaunt

      Sydney Partner

      To say Rob is a rock star is an understatement.

      He understands the agile domain, he understands delivery, he understands business and he understands people.

      Rob began his Agile journey kicking and screaming when he was a PMO manager in a multi-national company in 2003, yep Rob’s delivery focused as well.  Since moving to enterprise agility Rob has now become a thought leader pushing out new models and ways of working as an enterprise coach.

      As a career Project Professional, he brings with him a pragmatic approach to the use of Agile in the enterprise, he has helped our clients achieve their objectives and earned him a reputation as someone who will roll up his sleeves and “just get it done”, even in the most challenging environments.

      Before joining EPiC, Rob headed up the Agile practices for a national consulting firm. Rob joined EPiC in early 2016 to grow the EPiC brand and introduce it to the Sydney marketfrom it’s home in Melbourne.

      I am truly blessed to have Rob’s experience, drive, and humility as a fellow director in EPiC.  

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