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Our EPiC Scrum Product Owner Virtual Training Course is a 4 half-day dynamic, interactive and fast-paced workshop, filled with practical learning experiences.

Product Ownership is a continuous balancing act. A typical day can involve representing the voice of the customer, managing stakeholders, prioritising work, attending team ceremonies, and being available for the development team.

Our course is designed to give you knowledge and tools to artfully navigate the world of Product Ownership. With this course, you will learn how to maximise the value of your product, keeping your customer at the heart of everything you do, and your roadmap aligned to the business vision.


This course will provide attendees with the essential knowledge to prepare for the Scrum Product Owner Certification from (PSPO™ I). A certification assessment is included with this class.


Is this a certification course?

This is a certification course. Attendees will gain access to the Professional Scrum Product Owner Certification (PSPO™ I) assessment. 

Is there an exam? 

Yes, there is an exam. Participants will gain access to the Professional Scrum Product Owner Certification (PSPO™ I) assessment post course attendance. 

Is the exam fee included? 

Yes, the certification exam fee is included in the course cost. Participants get 1 attempt at the PSPO™ I included in the course fee. 

What is the pass mark?

The Professional Scrum Product Owner Certification (PSPO™ I) exam is 60 minutes and made up of 80 Multiple Choice questions. The pass mark is 85%. 

Do you offer this course in-house?

Yes, this course can be delivered in-house for your teams – please contact us for more information.

Who can attend this training course? 

This Product Owner course is for anyone already in a Product Owner role, or looking to become a Product Owner. Business Analysts, Project Managers and anyone with an interest in how Product Owners work in a scrum environment will benefit from attending this course. 

Do I need to complete any training courses prior to undertaking the Product Owner Certification course? 

It is not essential to have completed previous training courses prior to attending this workshop, however a strong knowledge of Agile / experience working in Agile environments is recommended.

Is this course facilitator-led?

Yes, this is a facilitator-led virtual workshop. You will be able to ask questions, engage with peers and put into practice your learnings during breakouts and group sessions. 

Why should I attend this course? 

You will become better at:

  • Using customer profiles and loop practices to ensure your product is a success
  • Delivering outcomes rather than outputs

Why Choose EPiC Agile?

At EPiC, we are proud that our training experience is deliberately different. Our workshops are highly interactive, built to allow for incremental learning, and founded on real story telling.

  • We pride ourselves on supporting you to enhance your practical capabilities
  • Our workshops are a combination of instruction-led and team-based exercises
  • Every one of our bespoke agile courses is designed and delivered by our coaches with extensive real-world experience
  • We build human connections and are curious about existing environment constraints
  • We are committed to the wider Business Agility Community, because we know if we can help you thrive, we will thrive along with you
  • View our Case Studies and Testimonials

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone already in a Product Owner role, or looking to become a Product Owner
  • Business Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Or anyone with an interest in how Product Owners work in a scrum environment.


  • 1x PSPO™ I certification assessment
  • Student workbook
  • 1 hour of post course coaching
  • “Scrum Without Shortcuts” book
  • “The 10 Secrets to being a high performance scrum master” e-book
  • EPiC Agile Ceremony Cards
  • Free trial to
  • EPiC Planning Poker Cards
  • Access to EPiC Training Alumni LinkedIn Community (free goodies, and future discounts)

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what Scrum is and how a Scrum Product Owner works in a Scrum environment.
  • Have a clear awareness of the benefits and challenges of Scrum
  • Understand why the Product Owner is the nexus between desire and delivery
  • Implement business value approach to prioritise
  • Gain practical knowledge of how to create and maintain a powerful product backlog
  • Apply techniques to write and refine user stories
  • Using customer profiles and loop practices to ensure your product is a success
  • How to be a high performance Product Owner in the Enterprise
  • Understand how to be a servant leader for your team
  • Delivering outcomes rather than outputs
  • Receive core insights to be prepared to sit the Scrum Product Owner certification exam

Course Outline

Our EPiC Scrum Product Owner Virtual Training Course equips attendees with the foundations for how to perform the role of Product Owner in a scrum environment.

Participants will:

  • Gain an understanding of what capacity the Product Owner may be involved throughout the lifecycle of a product
  • Examine the empirical approach of scrum
  • Explore what elements to consider to maximise the value of products
  • Delve into how to prioritise the product backlog

We focus both on the mindset of a Product Owner and the technical aspects required, by providing first hand exposure and knowledge, teamed with practical examples to give a fully immersed experience to our participants.

We will cover the below over the 4 days:

  • Agile and the Scrum Product Owner
  • Scrum Roles and Events
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Prioritisation Models
  • Product Owner and scrum simulation
  • Product Vision
  • Business Value Models and Assessments
  • Minimal Viable Product (MVP) / Minimal Marketable Product (MMP)
  • Complexity Theory
  • Epics / Features / User Stories (including Acceptance Criteria)
  • Product Backlog Management
  • Release Planning
  • Sprint Responsibilities
  • Customer Loops and Practices
  • Introduction to Inception
  • Roadmap planning and Estimates
  • Scenario Deep Dives
  • Metrics that Matter
  • Financial Decision Making

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