Key#5 – Include agile mindset

Rob Gaunt
on September 14, 2021
Include the Agile mindset

This week, Ron and Rob talk about: Agile Key #5 – Include The Agile Mindset, not just doing Agile. This is the 5th video of the Keys To Your Transformation series by Ron Laudadio from SHIFT314, guest-starring EPiC’s Sydney Director, Rob Gaunt

Key#7 - Focus on Culture and the People
This is the 7th and last video of the Keys To Your Transformation series by Ron Laudadio from SHIFT314, guest-starring EPiC’s Sydney Director, Rob Gaunt.
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Executives Feel like They Need to Know How to Do Transformations
Matt McCormack: "Executives are generally smart people at what they do, but know very little about transformation."
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Co-Creating a Deliberately Different Future through Business Agility
Business Agility Transformation
Lets us help you on you transformation journey.
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