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Agility Isn’t Something That is Perfect

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Rob Gaunt
on August 20, 2020

Have you ever behaved in a way that was at odds with Agile values?

During our first episode of At Home With Interesting People, I asked our guest, Jody Weir, a hard question: Have you ever behaved in a way that was contrary to Agile values and principles in your role?

“100% yes! It happens to me all the time”

Now, Jody is the Head of Agility at online retailer, THE ICONIC and has been an agility specialist for years. So, why does this happen frequently to experienced Agilists? And why did she reply so honestly?

Jody shared with us an explanation of how this can happen, even if you are an Agilist. Watch below to hear her answer…

You just need to call it out

If you have behaved in a way that is at odds with the Agile values and principles, Jody explained that it’s important to call it out and be transparent. There are advantages to owning it and being vulnerable, as one of our coaches, Vern, vlogged about here: Own Your Vulnerability

“Agility isn’t something that is perfect and no-one is perfect at it. It’s a practice, it’s like we’re always practising Agility.”

The expertise is in recognition of the fault and this led to Jody and I discussing the importance of reflection and retrospectives. You can read more about that here.

What is ‘At Home With Interesting People’?

Now that a lot of the world is in some form of self-isolation and in-person events are problematic, EPiC thought it would be a good idea to start a new virtual event. We’ve called it ‘At Home With…Interesting People’.  It’s a one-hour webinar show where EPiC chats about business agility and has fun with an interesting person, while at home.

Watch the full webinar with Jody here:

Who is Jody Weir?

Jody started her agility journey in Silicon Valley, where she worked for Intuit, known for financial software QuickBooks. After 12 years, she moved to Sydney, Australia with her husband to raise their children here.

Over 9 years in Australia, she has worked for Commonwealth BankAMP (where I met her) and now THE ICONIC.

Jody has been working from home since the COVID-19 lockdown. She was kind enough to show us around her home while answering questions about how the pandemic has affected herself, her family and THE ICONIC.

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