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Our coaches are your compass through the transformation

If you want to deliver a transformation that sticks, then you need to lead the transformation yourself. Don’t outsource it! But that doesn’t mean that you have to go it alone. Our business agility coaches will show you how!

The capabilities our coaches will deliver
Health Checks
Our coaches work with your teams to help them identify their agile maturity and then build a growth plan to get them to the next level.​
Capability Uplift
All of our transformations include the training you need. Our experienced practitioners are the ones that deliver it, ensuring that your teams get the capability uplift and value they need.
Scaled Agile
All of our Coaches are versed in how to apply their skills and knowledge at scale, whether they are helping multiple teams, supporting tribes, working within programs or enabling portfolios.
Advanced Agile Practitioner
Our Coaches can provide an empathetic experience as they work with your team members to guide them through their own transformation, because they have been there before.
Delivery Leadership
Our coaches are "hands-on". They don't just provide advice, they also show practical examples of how to execute. We aren't your typical consultancy. We actually lend a hand!
Agile Practice Build
Our coaches form the nucleus of your future agile practice. Once you find your internal champions, they can form around and successfully replace us, before we leave the building.
Meet the EPiC coaching team
Director - Melbourne
Brad Bennett
Ninja Skill: Dynamic, Executive Experience, Approachable

Bonus Talent / Hobby: Runner, Snowboard, Extreme traveller

Director - Sydney
Rob Gaunt
Ninja Skill: Strategic thinking, Entrepreneurial mindset

Bonus Talent / Hobby: Anything extreme motor sport.

Director - Auckland
Biunca Hooper
Ninja Skill: Creating pathways

Bonus Talent / Hobby: Learning to create watercolour landscapes (as real landscaping is beyond me!)
Director - Singapore
Lisa Duty
Director - Americas
Ron Laudadio
Ninja Skill: Clarity in direction and purpose

Bonus Talent / Hobby: Mentoring and giving to the community
Alex Berrill
Ninja Skill: Execution

Bonus Talent / Hobby: Coaching
Darren Gray
Ninja Skill: Bringing confidence to the journey

Bonus Talent / Hobby: Challenging my pilates instructor
Peter Cripps
Ninja Skill: Candid questions

Bonus Talent / Hobby: Road Cycling
Brendan Tubbs
Ninja Skill: People connection and Energy

Bonus Talent / Hobby: Drawing for process and 4x4
Roy Stapleton
Ninja Skill: Organisational Design/Scaled Agility/Strategy

Bonus Talent / Hobby: Martial Arts/Boxing, Cat appreciation/tolerance (I have three)
Antoinette Kesha
Ninja Skill: Creating awesome relationships and culture

Bonus Talent / Hobby: My family, Music, Dance
Steve Kinsey
Ninja Skill: Listening, Guiding, Achieving

Bonus Talent / Hobby: Jedi mind powers
Fred Lee
Ninja Skills: Energy, Ingenuity, Humanity

Bonus Talent / Hobby: Playing and creating music
Jarad Roberts
Ninja Skill: Strategic thinking, Pragmatic delivery

Bonus Talent / Hobby: Graphic design, Dry humour
Jacqui Percival
Ninja Skill: Herding cats

Bonus Talent / Hobby: Creating fancy cakes
Doris Tse
Ninja Skill: Calm, Curiosity

Bonus Talent / Hobby: Massive foodie if you’re looking for restaurant recommendations
Frank Leong
Ninja Skill: Been there, done that empath

Bonus Talent / Hobby: Ice hockey, connecting with nature
Leo Inthapichai
Ninja Skill: Empathy and energy

Bonus Talent / Hobby: Mushroom hunting
Vern Norrgard
Ninja Skill: Goal clarity digger

Bonus Talent / Hobby: Directing music videos
Coach / Trainer
Iain Sanders
Ninja Skill: Observation and Clarity

Bonus Talent / Hobby: Travel agent
Coach / Visual Facilitator
Marc Hundleby
Ninja Skill: Energy and Visualisation

Bonus Talent / Hobby: Jedi Skills
Joanna Cox
Ninja Skill: Passionate, Systems-thinking, Pro-active Coach

Bonus Talent / Hobby: Workshop Facilitator
Pam Lampersberger
Swati Chandrakar
Ninja Skill: Driven and 'Can-Do' Attitude

Bonus Talent / Hobby: Mandala, Charcoal Sketching and Visualisation Skills
Vanessa Yuen
Ninja Skill: Clarity in complexity, people connection

Bonus Talent / Hobby: Eating, reading, and spoiling my dog
Amelia Gates
Ninja Skill: Big picture thinking and positivity

Bonus Talent / Hobby: Music lover, piano player, ski junkie, Demons fan
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Meet the EPiC back-office
Commercial Relationship Lead
Ally Lengal
Ninja Skill: Positivity and gets it done!

Bonus Talent / Hobby: Family holidays and playing the piano
Client Services Coordinator
Josh King
Ninja Skill: Two-way Communicator

Bonus Talent / Hobby: Finding new hiking trails to explore
Pablo Neyra
Ninja Skill: Digital design

Bonus Talent / Hobby: Bread baking, football
Global Talent & Community Lead
Janelle King
Ninja Skill : Can find a needle in haystack

Bonus Talent: Event Management & Having Awesome Dinner Parties
Finance Manager
Lina Janeliunaite
Ninja Skill: Critical thinking, Attention to detail (EPiC Detective)

Bonus Talent / Hobby: Working while travelling

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