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Measure where your teams, programs, portfolios and enterprise are at. Then build actionable growth plans to take it to another level and prove uplift over time!

Are you hitting your business agility objectives? How do you know? Are you gaining actionable intelligence that will help you develop your people, your teams, your products and your portfolios?

Let’s face it… benchmarking your organisation and regularly checking in on it’s growth isn’t easy. It can also be very expensive and time consuming. More often than not, the information you get is a “lagging indicator” that you can do very little with.

We are changing all of that!

If you want to be a world class organisation, you need to benchmark your performance against industry and checkin regularly to help identify gaps and to build actionable growth plans for your future. It should be relatively cheap and it should be done by you, not to you!

If your organisation wants to get serious about Business Agility, then you need to get serious about how you measure your performance and be ready to adapt your approach when you’re not hitting the mark.

Let us show you how, using the Agilityhealth Radar Suite.




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    Available Health Radars
    Remote Working
    This radar provides a diagnostic tool for teams and the organisation to understand their greatest remote working challenges. It provides the evidence they need to build a growth plan to target areas that are holding them back from reaching their full potential.
    Team Health
    Team Health Radar is our most popular radar. We use this radar ourselves on every Agile Coaching and transformation engagement as it provides a benchmark for team maturity and measures uplift over time. It is an Enterprise grade platform, enabling scaleable, robust and efficient collection of Team Health data and allows us to rollup teams into Tribes, Departments and Business Units.
    Enterprise & Portfolio
    SAFe® Portfolio Health, Enterprise Business Agility Health

    Programs & Release Trains
    DevOps Health Radar, SAFe® ART Health, Lean Product Health Radar and SAFe® DevOps Health

    Individual Health
    Agile Coach Health Radar, Agile Leader Health Radar, SAFe® Release Train Engineer Health Radar, Product Owner Health Radar and ScrumMaster Health Radar.
    2 months from inception to design complete
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    1000's of staff trained in Agile Ways of Working
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