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Unleashing Potential: Leveraging Chapters for Performance

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High-performance in a volatile world

What kind of leadership works to unleash potential and create high-performing teams in an ever-changing and volatile landscape?

The big context that business is in, all around the world, is moving from the notion that organisations are like machines, to the notion that organisations are much more like ecosystems. So if you think about the leadership that we’ve had in the past, which is typically more command-and-control, and hierarchical. Does it make sense that the leadership styles we’ve had in the past, will also work in today’s constantly changing and disruptive landscape?

Think about trying to manage or control an ecosystem….not possible.

An ecosystem may seem chaotic but there’s a lot of adapting and thriving that occurs alongside the changes in the wider environment. So this ecosystemic viewpoint that modern organisations are moving towards is driven by the fact that the world is changing faster than ever and is more volatile. We are looking for better ways to adapt and metabolise that change, so that we don’t freak out every time.

Think about what kind of leadership would work within an ecosystem.

One answer that Lyssa Adkins and EPiC have is using the Chapter model. Watch Lyssa’s video below to find out more about modern leadership and how the Chapter model helps unleash the potential of people within organisations.

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About Lyssa Adkins

Lyssa Adkins is a deeply trained coach and facilitator and literally wrote the book on Agile.

Her content expertise is in individual & organisational change, transformation, adult human development, agile coaching, conflict, and working with complexity.

Lyssa partnering with EPiC allows her expertise and knowledge to reach and impact more people and organisations within the APAC region. EPiC has coached some of the biggest organisations in Australia, New Zealand and Asia and has trained thousands of people. It is our intent to support and co-create better leaders for the future of business.

Our range of programs, keynotes and live coaching sessions on offer, are:

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